Promotional Use?

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Promotional Use?

Unread postby newvideoeditor » 25 Sep 2016 22:07

I am not sure the odds of someone from sick puppies replying to my facebook message but I the odds of someone replying here to me are a lot better . I do a lot of gaming streams from my ps4, I have only been streaming for under 1 year but gaming forever. I started using some video editing software Hitfilm 4 express to just make the videos a bit better. I want to add music to certain parts where I am not talking or any unwanted back ground noise and I would like to use some SPs songs. I am fairly new to making custom videos ... so forgive me i ask a question that sounds stupid..

I am getting paid in a few days and will be buying a lot of music from itunes, including SPs. Since I am buying music...would i need to include song info, release date, album, band in the description on my youtube channel? I will use my favorite song "cancer" as a example... In the video description it would have something like the following :

The song played in this video is called *Cancer* and is performed by the music band *Sick Puppies", It is apart of the "Dressed Up As Life" Album That was released On April 3, 2007. I do not own the rights to the song, I bought it from Itunes and just use it in custom videos to improve my creativity and for promotional reasons .

If I said that would I pretty much have permission to use it from the band?

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Re: Promotional Use?

Unread postby dlcramer » 26 Sep 2016 10:28

I assume you are streaming on twitch or YouTube. I don't know how twitch handles copyright. But for YouTube, you can go to and type in any song and artist to find out the rules for that song. As for Sick Puppies music, the copyright owner is the label. Per the link I posted, if you type Cancer Sick Puppies, you will see that They allow use of their music but it says "Ads can appear". That means that if you use the song(s) the copyright owner may monetize your video (and they usually do). That also means you cant if they do.

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