My opinion on the "Where Do I Begin" lyric video

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My opinion on the "Where Do I Begin" lyric video

Unread postby Adamantium » 12 Sep 2016 14:36

Don't get me wrong, the song Where Do I Begin is great. Probably one of the best on Fury. When a new single is released, it's usually accompanied by a music or lyric video. Although this was true for Where Do I Begin, I felt there were a lot of things wrong with it. Again, don't hate on me for it.
The first thing I noticed was the constant repeating of animations for it. The variety stops soon after it starts. The same tunnel loop and train clip is showed countless times with different lyrics on top of it. See, Stick To Your Guns' and Earth To You's lyric videos were very well produced. They showed variety and polish. I can't say the same for Where Do I Begin. The lyrics are also improperly timed which is off putting when watching it. I understand that it's about the music and not entirely the video but surely this must not set a good impression for new listeners watching the video. Again, I am not animator, but clips often prematurely stop during the video and I still can't get over that sense of them being overused. The lyric video just seems rushed. I don't think it would benefit new fans. I don't know why the quality dropped and I haven't heard anyone else's opinion on it. I just wish to get it across.
Like I say again, I don't dislike the song AT ALL but the video doesn't reflect the quality and seems unprofessional. Okay, a lyric video is better than none at all but the standard that was set from Earth To You hasn't been met again.

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