Testimonials about SPWC from our members

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Testimonials about SPWC from our members

Unread postby Susanna » 10 Jun 2008 06:04

- "SPWC connects all the fans world wide. You can make new friends at any show of theirs you go to. Even the band members themselves treats you like one of their own. What other band of their status can you say does that?" cheetofreak82

- "I love how SPWC has members from all over the world! It's nice to see how far reaching Sick Puppies can be with it's fans and I love that no matter how far away or different we are, there is this community that makes us closer!" WonSickPuppy

- "In the time that I've spent here, I've been fortunate enough to meet some truly incredible people and to have experiences that will stay with me forever, while having the chance to promote an amazing band that has had a huge influence on my life....the World Crew really is a place unlike any other...no matter who you are, if you join us here, not only will you be welcomed with open arms, you'll become a part of our crazy family, and will be accepted and appreciated for your differences!" Chandra

- "SPWC is such an awesome place! It's so cool how Sick Puppies can connect with fans from all over the world!" Heather

- "When I first joined SPWC, I had no idea how many amazing people I would meet and become friends with. It starts out as a common interest in the band we all love, but I quickly learned how much more I had in common with other WC members. I love interacting with other fans on the forum and SPWC Facebook page and my favorite part is meeting up with everyone at the shows!" Carrie

- "Being a fan of Sick Puppies allows one to see the journey they're on - being a World Crew member or an Ambassador though? It puts you IN the middle of the journey right alongside them! It is a place for friends, fans and family. It is a thriving community filled with people of all ages, all of which love music and, of course, Sick Puppies." Katy

- "SPWC is simply incredible. Its a super close fan base, supported and loved by an amazing band. What more could you want?" Jessamy

- "I joined SPWC because of my love for the music. I became an ambassador to help Sick Puppies achieve WORLD DOMINATION! No seriously I knew there was a way I could help and help in any way I can. What I didn't know was the number of friends I would make all over the country and world. Of course there are completely awesome concert moments too! I love seeing the band succeed. I wouldn't give up a single moment of it." stephb

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