What Is A Message Board?

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What Is A Message Board?

Unread postby Becky » 05 Jun 2008 21:24

What is a message board?

A message board, or forum, is an internet community where people who share a similar interest gather for discussion and socializing. There are numerous message boards for many topics, interests and hobbies. The Sick Puppies World Crew, or SPWC forum in particular is a meeting place for fans of Sick Puppies. Members can meet and bond with those who share their interests by posting, responding to and reading messages to the whole group. There are even off-topic sections where fans can connect even further!

Forums can serve several different purposes. Some of these purposes include: discussion, recreation, sources of information and media, a place to arrange meet-ups, concert dates and more!

The SPWC forum also serves as place for fans of Sick Puppies to help promote and spread the word about the band. The most important way we promote the band is through word of mouth, and introducing others to the music and the World Crew. By telling our friends about SPWC and showing them the awesome family we have created here we are growing the Sick Puppies fan base.

As you get to know the forum and the people here, you may ask yourself "What more can I do for this terrific band that gives back so much to their fans?" That is when you may consider becoming an ambassador. The duties of an ambassador varies from personal tasks like radio requests and Rate the Music surveys to team tasks, which will depend on the team you are asked to join. Of course, there is always the opportunity to win awesome prizes by submitting entries in our various contests.

Let's just say this is one message board you will never regret joining!

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