Frequently Asked Questions about the Sick Puppies World Crew
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What is Sick Puppies World Crew?
Sick Puppies World Crew is a fan site that brings together fans of Sick Puppies from all over the world. There is a message board, contests, free exclusive content and interaction directly from the band.

Sick Puppies World Crew (SPWC) is a combination of a fan club, fan forum and a street team – with all the benefits of each combined into one amazing place.

The goals of SPWC are to promote the band while getting to know other fans and having fun while earning exclusive prizes and opportunities to meet the band.

Who can join SPWC?
Anyone who is age 13 or older, due to COPPA laws.

What is an Ambassador?
A SPWC Ambassador is a team leader and representative of SPWC for their country, state and/or region. They are the first people asked to help with promotions, contest ideas and anything else that might be needed – whether it’s graphic skills, writing skills, speaking skills or technical skills.

Why would I want to be an Ambassador?
Ambassadors get special privileges and rewards that are not available to everyone at SPWC for their extra hard work and dedication. To learn more about Ambassadors, look at the Ambassador FAQ. Ambassadors pride themselves on maintaining SPWC as more of a community. You can also Ask an Ambassador any questions you may have about becoming an Ambassador or about SPWC.

I’m not in the United States, can I join?
Absolutely! If you have an email address and are at least 13 years of age, you can join. We are Sick Puppies WORLD Crew.

Does it cost anything to join?
Absolutely not. SPWC is 100% free.

How do I know it's legit?
Sick Puppies World Crew is the official fan site of Sick Puppies. Sick Puppies own this site and are hands on participants in contests, forum and content. There is no cost or obligation to join.

Who runs Sick Puppies World Crew?
Sick Puppies, their management team and administrators of this forum run SPWC.

How do I sign up?
Signing up for SPWC is a two part process. In order to be a full member you need to sign up for the SPWC newsletter and then register to be on the forum.

How is it different from a fan club?
Unlike the traditional fan club, SPWC is FREE. There are no membership dues or donations requested or required to join. No one is excluded based on their willingness or ability to pay a fee. We believe that you should be able to get benefits based on your dedication to a band, rather than being randomly drawn for such prizes.

How is it different from a street team?
SPWC members and Ambassadors promote the band in a few ways that a traditional street team would, such as hanging posters to promote a show, handing out free stickers or collecting names on the Newsletter Sign Up sheets at shows.

World Crew members that help promote the band and complete assigned tasks can become an Ambassador where they can earn special perks and prizes for their efforts. Prizes include (but are not limited to) free concert tickets, autographed memorabilia, staged-used items (such as guitar strings and picks), and exclusive meet & greets with the band.

Do I have to be a member of the Capital Music Street Team in order to join the SPWC?
Not at all. You can be a part of SPWC without belonging to the Capitol Music Street Team.

Are you affiliated with the Capital Music Sick Puppies street team?
We are a band-owned fan site, forum and street team. The label (Capital) owns their street team.

What are the rules and guidelines?
This is a comprehensive list of guidelines and terms of agreement on the forum.

What do I have to do to participate?
Sign up for the newsletter and the forum. Then you can read messages, reply to messages, ask the band questions, make friends with other fans and even apply to be an SPWC ambassador.

Whether you’re content to just receive updates from the band in email or if you want to dive into all the contests and activities – we welcome you to SPWC. Your experience and enjoyment is completely based on your interests and level of participation.

What is required of me to be in Sick Puppies World Crew?
1. Sign up
2. Be respectful to all SPWC members, band, crew and team.
3. Be at least 13 years of age.

How involved do I need to be? Will you delete my profile if I never post?
We will not delete your profile without giving you the chance to verify you are still wanting to be active. If you sign in at least once every 3 months, you will not have to worry about your profile/username being deleted.

Does my number of posts have some bearing of my status on the board?
Not at all. The more active you are, the more involved you can become. The choice, however, is totally yours.

I'm already part of the site. Why am I not part of SPWC?
Your email address must be verified and you must sign up for the newsletter mailings as well as registering for the message board. See “How Do I Sign Up” for the links.

Can I contact the band through the site?
Yes! We have a place where you can ask the band questions. No question is too outrageous, even ones about zombies (and yes, that has already been asked and answered if you think we are joking). The only limitations are the questions must be respectful and non-invasive into the band’s personal and family lives.

How often does the band come on?
That varies greatly depending on if they’re on tour, in the studio or on holiday. The band comes on whenever they have a minute and enjoy the interaction with the fans. They do answer questions on a fairly regular basis in the “Ask the Band” forum.

Can I get Meet & Greets, pre-sale tickets or other prizes if I become a member?
Because we want to keep everything 100% free, we believe you can earn your special privileges by being involved in promoting the band or becoming an Ambassador. Unlike many fan clubs where you pay to join and then cross your fingers and hope to be chosen for a random meet & greet pass, here you can earn your right to help cover a show and some of the privileges that go along with it.

Do I get paid to promote the band?
While you don’t get cash to promote the band, you can complete tasks and become an Ambassador. Some of the perks of being an Ambassador may include:
Free Concert Tickets
Autographed Memorabilia
Exclusive Videos
Exclusive Meet and Greets

How often are Contests held?
Prizes are given out at the conclusion of every contest. Contests are held randomly and annually, like our annual Pumpkin Carving Contest. Often there is more than one prize per contest offering more chances to win.

Is it just a message board / fan forum?
Not at all! While much of the activities are explained and worked on in the message board, SPWC is so much more. We have contests, activities and interactions with Sick Puppies and their fans through Facebook, Twitter, Concerts and events. We work in direct correlation with Sick Puppies and their management team. We are part of the http://www.sickpuppies.com family.

Where can I get the latest information about the band?
Emails are periodically sent out to all SPWC members. SPWC also has specific topics about the band on the message board including concert dates, articles, videos and a Q&A section where the band answers questions directly from their fans.

You can also check out these sites listed here.

Why am I not getting Sick Puppies newsletter?
First check to make sure you are signed up for the newsletter. There is a form to sign up here. If you fill that out correctly and verify your email address, you should receive the newsletters.

If you have signed up with accurate information and verified your email, be sure to check your junk or spam folders to be sure your account is accepting mail from Sick Puppies.

Where can I get the latest information about SPWC?
Right here! There will be updates on the message board, sent out in emails, posted in blogs and bulletins on Twitter and also in Facebook.

What can I expect to find when I go to the site?
Sick Puppies content, discussions and fun. You will find information about upcoming concerts and appearances, as well as interact with other fans who love Sick Puppies.

How do I get promotional materials to hand out?
We try to have one or two people covering each show. The Ambassadors will have the first chance to promote the shows.

Are there things I can do online to promote the band?
Absolutely! You can post up banners on public message boards to promote the band and SPWC. They can be found HERE.

Additionally, putting songs and videos on your personal website, message board, Facebook or Twitter is a great way to promote the band!

What other things can I do to help Sick Puppies?
Telling your friends about the band, encouraging others to listen, ask your local radio station to play their songs and advertising them on your personal websites. Bring a friend to a show or introduce them to SPWC. Wear your Sick Puppies merchandise or hand out fliers, posters, stickers, etc.

Can I donate money to the band or SPWC?
While we appreciate your generosity, we would love it far more if you help by the band out by attending a show, buying an extra cd for a friend or family member or promoting the band in the ways mentioned above.

What if I want to do even more?
You can consider applying to be a SPWC Ambassador.

How old do I have to be to compete in the contests?
Each contest will have a different set of guidelines. You can find the guidelines on the message board, in your newsletters or on the band’s Facebook/Twitter, etc. as they are announced.

Can I post SPWC content on my personal site, public sites or share exclusive content with my friends?
No. The exclusive content is a benefit you earn by contributing to Sick Puppies and the World Crew. It is unfair to everyone who has earned the right to view and hear the content, as well as unfair to the band. When you sign up for the crew, you agree not to share any content, to download or distribute it in any manner.

If you are caught doing any of the above, it will result in your account being suspended or terminated. You are responsible for your account privacy and any actions that may occur under your name, so guard your password as you would any other sensitive information.

What do the username colors represent?
Blue - Admin
Red - Band Member
Green - Moderators / Managers
Aqua - Team Leader
Teal - Ambassador
White - SPWC member
Olive green - Forum Member

Who do I contact if I have more questions?
Technical questions should be directed to our Tech Support Forum.

Other questions can be sent to info@sickpuppies.net

Of course, there’s always help directly on the forum as well.
Administrators: *J*, dlcramer, Stacey
Moderators / Managers: Steph (Moderator), Dana (Moderator), David (Ambassamentor Manager) Heather (Teams Manager)
Tech Administrator: dlcramer

What are the benefits and rewards of being a member of SPWC?
Everyone's opinion varies, but here are some examples given to us by our current crew members:
· It's completely FREE.
· You get exclusive content directly from the band.
· You are the first to know about new contests, concerts and other band information.
· Band members post messages often.
· The crew members are some of the friendliest people out there.
· The willingness to help from not only the crew members, but also the moderators and administrators.
· Contests and chances for Meet and Greets, free concert tickets, autographed merchandise, etc.
· Help promote Sick Puppies.
· Fans get to express their individual creativity through contests and other activities.
· Fantastic prizes for those that earn them through hard work and dedication to Sick Puppies.
· Broaden the venue choices for the band by advertising them and give them a better chance to come back to your area!
· Meet other devoted fans and make new friends.
· Being able to promote the band that you love in many different and creative ways.
· Having access to different types of media on the band, such as interviews, photos and videos that are posted to the site.
· Getting to see other fans pictures and hear about their experiences at Sick Puppies shows.
· This forum has a special feel to it - it is like an online family - everyone is friendly and helpful.
· Finding other fans in your area that you may not know.
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