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Ambassador FAQ & Application

Unread postby Susanna » 05 Jun 2008 10:13

Sick Puppies World Crew Ambassador Search:
Do you love Sick Puppies? Do you want to have fun, earn free exclusive material and use your creative mind to help promote the band? This might just be the opportunity for you!

What is an Ambassador?

An Ambassador is a team leader and representative of SPWC. Ambassadors are the people who represent the band in their region of the world.

What are the duties of an Ambassador?
The duties of Ambassadors vary from project to project. The core value of an Ambassador is to represent the band in a respectful, fun and creative way. Ambassadors are expected to uphold all the guidelines on the forum and help promote the band in the ways they are best able to get the word out about SPWC and Sick Puppies.

An Ambassador must have leadership abilities, a responsible nature and a friendly, polite personality. Remember, by representing the band – you are one of the first people potential fans and new fans may come in contact with and first impressions are lasting impressions.

Who can be an Ambassador?
Any Sick Puppies World Crew member who has been registered on the forum for at least 60 days and has earned a minimum of 250 points, is over the age of 16, with a valid driver’s license, a reliable mode of transportation and a willingness to promote the band may apply to be an Ambassador.

We will consider those who are 15 years old with the exception being that they cannot lead a show until they are 16 with a valid driver's license and a reliable vehicle.

Why are Ambassadors needed?
Sick Puppies need passionate, ambitious and creative people to help promote in their region before a show – and to help think up contests, promotions, make graphics and do many other things when there isn’t a show near them. Ambassadors help on many different levels according to their skills and interests.

What are the advantages of being an Ambassador?

Ambassadors are the first people asked to cover a show in their area – and get free tickets to the show because of their efforts. They also get exclusive videos made by the band before they're posted anywhere else. Ambassadors often get band news first and are identified with special badges at shows so the band and management know they are SPWC leaders.

How is an Ambassador different from a World Crew Member?
Ambassadors are the members who stand out. They lead other members and help with creative ideas for contests, merchandise and promotion. They are the people who usually promote the band at concerts in their area, as well as being able to earn exclusive prizes unavailable to other SPWC members.

Why do I want to be an Ambassador?
Besides being able to access ALL Sick Puppies World Crew exclusive content, you will be the people we choose to be moderators on the forum in the future as needed. You are the fans that will represent the band in your area.

There will also be certain contests only Ambassadors can compete in for amazing prizes – like a signed drumhead and/or guitar/bass.

Do Ambassadors get paid?

They compete for prizes and are able to preview exclusive content and always get to see the exclusive videos FIRST.

How do I become an Ambassador?
Fill out an application and have a screening interview. More details can be found in this post.

How are Ambassadors chosen?

Administrators will review your application and your activity, conduct, and interaction with other members on the forums. You will be interviewed over the phone and will look at the region being covered and our need for more ambassadors in that area. All of those factors will be considered in choosing ambassadors.

Is there anything that I need to do before I apply?
Applicants must have completed a list of qualifying tasks and have been registered on the forum as a World Crew member for at least 60 days. Click here for more information.

How much time is required of me as an Ambassador?
All Ambassadors are required to spend at least one hour of each week on the forum promoting Sick Puppies and/or participating in Ambassador Projects.

Does it matter that I can’t drive yet?

You must be a licensed driver with your own reliable transportation. We will make exceptions for European ambassadors and those who use public transportation as a means of their daily lives, as well as those who are 15 years old with the exception being that they cannot lead a show until they are 16 with a valid driver's license and a reliable vehicle.

Do I have to do everything that is asked of me?
No. You are only expected to help in the ways you choose. However, you must conduct yourself in a manner that shows respect of the band, SPWC and yourself. If you do not do any of the ambassador duties, you will be asked to step down and let someone more active take your place.

How many ambassadors can be in one state, province, country or region?
The number depends on how big the region is, as well as how much concert activity is in that area. We would like a minimum of 5 ambassadors for each region.

What happens if I become an ambassador and find I’m unable to fulfill my obligation?
You simply go back to being a regular SPWC member.

"Who can I call or talk to with any concerns/questions I may have? Is there someone nearby that I could discuss Ambassador duties with?"

You can PM *J* or dlcramer. They will be happy to help you out !

I'm interested, where's the application?
Click Here!

By submitting this application I agree that I am willing to spend an hour a week on the forum and promoting Sick Puppies outside of the forum. I am over 16 years of age and if I live in America, I have a valid drivers license and reliable transportation. I also agree that I have submitted the minimum required tasks and have been a World Crew member of the forum for at least 60 days.


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