Forum Rules & Guidelines 11/03/2008

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Forum Rules & Guidelines 11/03/2008

Unread postby Susanna » 05 Jun 2008 10:00

User Agreements:

By registering and posting on this site, you agree to follow the rules of conduct set forth by the administrators of this board, Sick Puppies and their management team. If you do not agree to the terms set forth below, do not use this message board. Your use is equivalent to your consent.

It is your responsibility to read the rules, make yourself aware of changes to the rules and abide by them. You are responsible for understanding the rules and being familiar with the guidelines. If you have any questions please contact an administrator or moderator immediately.

General Rules:

We reserve the right to ban anyone who knowingly violates the forum rules:

- Impersonation of a band member in any form is prohibited. This extends to impersonating any member of management, the record label, the administrators of this board or the moderators. The use of the band name (“Sick Puppies” or any of the members of Sick Puppies is forbidden). This includes hacking another users login, profile and/or the use of another person’s image without express consent.

- Advertising, "spamming (unrelated and harassing advertising, especially posts simply for the purpose of advertising) and "trolling" (general harassment and inflammatory comments or actions, also including spamming) is prohibited. Having a URL in your username is considered spamming and grounds for immediate banning. Members are to report such activity immediately to an administrator or moderator.

- Threats of any level, emotional or physical, are prohibited. Threats of any nature will result in an immediate ban. This includes the threat of self-injury or harm.

- This board is open to anyone over the age of 13. Because of the diversity of ages, backgrounds and beliefs, please keep the obscene and/or offensive language out of the message boards.

- It is every member’s responsibility to read, understand and comply with all posted rules.

Account, Profile, and Username Rules:

- You must be 13 years of age or older to register on Sick Puppies World Crew Message Forum. If it is discovered that you are not at least 13 years of age, your account will be banned.

- Usernames must be in good taste and judgment. Any user name found to be offensive will be banned. Usernames that are in questionable taste will be discussed on a case by case basis.

- Each Sick Puppies World Crew member is allowed to register only one user name. Knowingly registering multiple accounts is prohibited. If you are banned and register another user name, the new user name will also be banned.

- Posts will not be screened unless it is deemed necessary in the future because of spam, harassment, or poor judgement.

Creating New Threads:

- All Sick Puppies World Crew members are able to create new threads in any non-administrative forum. However, the administrators reserve the right to move, modify or delete any thread at any time.

- Sick Puppies World Crew members are expected to behave with maturity and respect to fellow members at all times. This includes the administrators, moderators and band members but is not limited to them. Treat others as you wish to be treated. Enough said.

- Should any member of the band sign onto the forum, please do not stalk them or harass them. They will post as they feel inspired to do so, and as their limited free time allows.

- You may post ONE question in the “Ask the Band” thread per month. Do not ask any more than that so that others may have a turn. If you are found to be posting multiple times in one month, all posts will be deleted except your first question.

- Internet etiquette states that UPPER CASE letters are a way of showing anger/yelling. Please do not caps lock unless something is urgent. Please refrain from incessant use of “teenie talk” as well. It isn’t that hard to post properly.

- Acts of knowingly causing drama within threads whether it be based on the topic itself or other matters will not be tolerated. This includes, but is not limited to, insulting, harassing, flaming, disparaging, cursing or generally being rude.

- Feel free to discuss and debate in a mature and polite fashion. In no way will rude behavior be tolerated.

- Always provide the proper link when posting articles so that credit is given to the proper source.

- Do NOT post tour dates that can not be confirmed thru the bands official site or Facebook page. (If they have not announced it yet, neither shall we)

- Do NOT post information about the band that is not credible. If you cannot site the source, do not post it.

- Do NOT post personal information (your own or that of someone else) on the forum boards out of respect, safety and security for all. Sick Puppies, their management, the administrators and moderators are not responsible for any consequences that may occur because of sharing such information with other users.

- Do not post stolen/pirated music or discuss property sharing. File sharing is not allowed and those who do so will be banned.

- Sick Puppies and their affiliates are in no way responsible for the content posted by users on this forum. Should any copyright violations, piracy issues, harassment or other illegal behavior be found it is the sole responsibility of the poster.

- Please contact an administrator or moderator immediately if you see any rule violations, do NOT direct any comment or response to the responsible poster directly.


- Moderators of this forum will be assigned by the administrators only. They will be chosen based on the quality of their commitment to Sick Puppies World Crew, their level of activity and their standards of professionalism and responsibility. Please do not ask to be made a moderator. They will be chosen as needed and as the position is earned.

- Moderators are volunteers, not paid employees. They are dedicated fans and Sick Puppies World Crew Members. They should be treated with respect and are here to help you enjoy your experience. If issues arise they cannot address, they will take the necessary steps to contact the site administrators.

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