Intersections ...

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Intersections ...

Unread postby vegawriters » 18 Sep 2014 20:55

Backstory ...

So, I was invited to participate in a project happening here in SLC involving the voices of the Queer community here. And the initial workshops were really hard for me thanks to the biphobia that I faced while putting stuff together.

Still, they wanted me to work on and submit my piece and I've been dragging my feet because the whole thing had left this terrible taste in my mouth. But on the flip side, as a writer, you don't turn down invitations, right?

Which brings me to ...

So tonight, I'd like to thank Sick Puppies and the Connect album for reducing me to heavy breathing to avoid cathartic tears in public while I sat in a coffee shop and put my piece for this thing together. I don't know what it was about the album, but it touched off something and BAM. There the words were.

I kind of love it when stuff like that happens.

I'm going to go home and cry and drink now.

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