A Little Story :)

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A Little Story :)

Unread postby missy97 » 17 Jul 2013 18:47

Here is a little something I wrote:

"I hate you" is what it started with. How my body looks. My insecurities. My confusion. My mind. It's all the same feeling. There is a constant war going on in my head. Do this, not that. Should I say this, but don't say that? What if this, why not that? A constant flow of thoughts. My world is not perfect, but it's not pitiful either. I've made my mistakes. Taken poison to the heart. Sometimes I think I'm the odd one out. I've sunken to the bottom three times before, not realizing I've said too many words. Maybe I tried too hard. I know I have issues. I've come to that realization. Even to points where I wished I could be anywhere but here. I feel like i am the pretender. Thinking I could be something I'm not just to survive. I should've known better than to have a mindset like that. Nobody's perfect. We all have monsters living in our heads that cause us to feel like we are under a very black sky. But, it is the time. We all need to close out the negative in our minds that is telling lies and start healing now. We need to connect with our true selves and begin walking away from our pasts because there's no going back. Run toward your happiness. Remembering to stay true to you is a better waste of time than a man will ever be. Life has no mercy so be ready for a psychological gunfight. You're in it for life so don't stop reaching until you are the master of the universe we call our minds. If you feel like you're going down into a dead space, think of the white balloons that will carry your soul to a riptide where you can finally be at peace.

*I know it's not the best grammatically, but I wrote it at 12 in the morning. I seem to get the most inspired late at night. Anyhow, lets make a game out of this little story. How many Sick Puppies song titles can you find within this story? I hope you enjoy and have fun finding them. :smile:

-Melissa :)

I <3 Sick Puppies!

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