Free Hugs In Bremerton Washington and Now Brownwood Texas!

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Free Hugs In Bremerton Washington and Now Brownwood Texas!

Unread postby SaveTheWorldWithRock » 28 Aug 2010 11:26

I wish I had gotten pictures of when I did it but I gave free hugs on Maggie Lee for Good Day! Maggie Lee was a friend of my little sister's who was killed in a car crash. On what would have been her 13th birthday, everyone did a good deed or something to make someone smile in honor of Maggie Lee because that's the kind of girl she was. I stood on my college campus in Bremerton, Washington with a sign that said Free Hugs and had numerous people come up to me and hug me. Some asked why, others asked where I got the idea. It was a fun thing to do. This year, I'm at a different school and in a whole different world. I'll be on the Howard Payne University campus on Maggie Lee for Good Day with a Free Hugs poster, making people's day a little brighter.
Check it out. Her story and CaringBridge page will shock and amaze you.

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Re: Free Hugs In Bremerton Washington and Now Brownwood Texa

Unread postby *J* » 14 Sep 2010 08:47

Very sad story. That is really awesome that you did that, good for you!!!


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