Media Lounge Tips and Suggestions - Please Read

Post links to articles, YouTubes, photos, etc. on the band.
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Media Lounge Tips and Suggestions - Please Read

Unread postby Becky » 15 Jun 2008 20:05

Hey order to keep the Media Lounge organized and easy to navigate, please remember to do the following:

1. Try to include the title of the article/video/picture being posted in the title of the thread so it's easier to identify. This will help avoid the same article/video from being posted more than once, because it will be found easily using the forum search engine.
2. Please remember to search the forums or use the reference thread before posting a new article to avoid duplicates.
3. If something is already posted, simply report the thread as a duplicate (report to mod. function)and a mod will merge it.
4. When posting an article, always post the body of the article as well as the link/source.

Remember that any help you need posting media (videos and pictures) as well as how to report a thread to a moderator can be found in the Posting 101 Thread

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